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A non-profit, ODMH certified agency

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What can CWC, Inc do for you?
Organizational Consultations

Professional Presentations on Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Screenings

Professional Consultation in Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Programs for Community Health and Wellness

Cornerstone Wellness Center is a nonprofit organization engaging in community outreach programs and collaborating with community organizations to fill service gaps in areas such as providing food assistance, supporting families affected by an autism diagnosis, leading organization on community-wide anti-bullying activities, providing prevention education to alert health care providers and adults over 60 of the unique vulnerability older adults face with medication and alcohol related problems, and developing and implementing programs for youth at risk.

Partnership with CUPS Café
Living Well Medina County
Imagine Peace
Prevention Education and Consultation
ACT Against Violence

ACT Against Violence Program

Violent Behavior Is Learned
Violent behavior is learned, and often it is learned early in life. But just as children can learn to be violent, they also can learn to be kind-hearted. They can learn constructive ways to solve problems, deal with disagreements, and handle anger. Children who learn these skills early in life (Continued...)

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ACT Against Violence program
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